LONGER HEAT / COLD RETENTION : When heated according to instructions the pad retains 140Β°F for 15 minutes and 104Β°F for 40 minutes. (Heating times are based on a 700-watt(1minute) microwave )
Once heated, be sure to rub the pad to spread the heat evenly through the pad before use.

SOFT MICROFIBER – Made of 100% cotton fillers marking the pad very soft and flexible. It’s perfectly adapted to fit to all body parts.
RADIATION FREE – The pad doesn’t use electricity and is free from wires, cords, and electromagnetic radiation.

BENEFITS – Heat Therapy helps to relieve stiff/sore shoulders, achy muscles, and neck, back, and joint pains. Cold Therapy helps to reduce swelling, headaches, bruises, and more. We use aroma essences for herbal aromatherapy to provide natural relaxation and reduce stress.

made in korea


  • Function: Warm palace
  • Color : Red
  • Size : 45 x 22cm


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