ILLIYOON Fresh Moisture Lip & Eye Remover 450ml Special Set [#Jombo Size]


A 3-time winner Lip and Eye Remover, recorded with frequent purchases, and customer acclaimed repurchase rate of countless times.
According to real reviews, with over 6,000 reviews, the customer rating is 4.8/5.0, itโ€™s good because it wiped off makeup without leaving any residue, I always buy it because it is a product I always use, itโ€™s gentle and not dry, I use it frequently, it removes waterproof eyeliner well and I always repurchase it, I have already used it for several bottles, I only use this product, itโ€™s a product that wipes off well even though I usually do heavy eye makeup.
Out of the 298 respondents in the hwahae survey, an overwhelming majority expressed high satisfaction. Specifically, 98% reported a mild sensation, 96% experienced no stinging, 96% found it effective in removing waterproof makeup, and 97% mentioned a fresh finish after use.
It is a product that passes the UK eye irritation test for the human body, substitute test for eye irritation, has 6 ingredients without additives, and promotes healthy eyelashes without worrying about eye irritation.
Light eye wrinkles and heavy makeup also wash off without burden.
Smoothly removes even strong waterproof makeup at once.
Oil provides a transparent, odorless texture in two layers of water. It can be used directly on the eyes to provide mild and moisturizing effects.
This cleanser is suitable for those who want to remove waterproof makeup cleanly at once, who want a refreshing cleansing without remaining oil, and who need a mild cleansing for delicate eye and mouth areas.
This is a product that cleanly removes daily makeup without irritating the eyes.
Featured ingredients
Provides a fresh finish with the optimal ratio of water and oil.
Fresh and moist finish without stickiness with healthy ingredients.
Provides vitality and moisture to the eye and mouth areas with raw fermented yuzu ingredients full of vitamin C.
Powerful waterproof makeup is also easily removed at once with coconut oil.
Leaves a refreshing finish without leaving any residue on the skin with an effective ratio of water and oil.
How to use
1. Shake gently so that the two separated layers can blend.
2. Place on the eye and press it gently.
3. Rub off the makeup with the cotton pad in a zigzag motion.
This is a 300ml+150ml+30ml special set.

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