• Eyelash curler that perfects C-shaped curls fast and easily

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  • Laneige makeup tool for high-quality makeup

    1. An eyelash curler designed with a curve appropriate for the eyes of Asians
    2. Powerful volume curling with a spring included in the handle
    3. Perfect, excellent C-shaped curls of short and drooping eyelashes


Expensive eyelash curlers of high-end brands may not curl your eyelashes properly or feel painful because the curvature is not right for you.

High curvature is associated with flat eyes with a gentle curve, and low curvature refers to bulging eyes.
On average, an eyelash curler with curvature of about 19R~20R is appropriate for Asians.

LANEIGE eyelash curler has a curve of 3.2cm, height of 0.8cm, and curvature of 20R. It is suitable for the eyes of Asians that have smaller curvature and volume compared to Westerners, helping them curl their eyelashes comfortably, strand by strand.




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