Unove Volume up Fixer


If you want perfect volume and amazing texture for your hair, this volume spray is your trusted ally. Formulated with key ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, silk and a blend of hydrolyzed proteins, this unique product gives your hair irresistible volume and deeply nourishes it.

Hydrolyzed collagen restores hair structure, giving it elasticity and lushness. This gives each strand extra strength and a bouncy look.

Hydrolyzed silk gently wraps each strand of hair, giving it a silky smoothness and shine. So your hair shines and feels good to the touch.

The hydrolysed protein blend nourishes and strengthens hair in a versatile way, maintaining its health and giving it long-lasting volume. The amino acids in the composition nourish and strengthen each hair strand to give it strength.

This spray not only adds volume but also protects hair from damage, strengthening it from the inside out. Its lightweight formula doesn’t weigh hair down, but gives natural, long-lasting volume.

Proven strength for up to 12 hours. This volume spray is tested and proven to maintain your hair’s volume all day long, giving you the confidence and look you want for longer.

How to use
Shake the bottle well and spray onto the roots or the entire length of the hair. You can then style to your preference to achieve that perfect volume and bouncy texture.

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